Summertime: Board-shaping & Fly Fishing


Words by Mikey Franco

Summer. For me, it is the complete opposite of how my winter plays out. Its chill, so to speak. I am still making boards. In fact, I am making more now so I don’t have to make so many when its time to ride! The difference is that there is a lack of urgency, impatience and the “need it NOW” vibe. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly thrive on the stoke of winter, big storms, the pressure of delivering orders on time and the overall excitement that winter and a career in snowboarding brings. Its just that summer is that chance to reload. Most importantly, summer lets me spend more time with my wife. It lets me spend time alone in the mountains fishing. It lets me spend time hiking with family and friends to beautiful places. And, probably just as important, it lets me body heal up from the beating a winter riding in Jackson Hole puts on me!

To me, fly fishing gives me the chance to practice the same laser focus and attention to detail that I use when building snowboards. In the shop there's certain tools I use that require precision placement, finesse and feel, and on point reaction time. I get the same feeling casting a fly to a nearby eddy line where I likely have mere seconds to react to a rising fish. Its also about learning what works and doesn’t work. Working with the weather, with the tools or machines and moving with intention. All important aspects of both passions. I feel lucky to have chosen this life and am thankful for every board I get to make and every fish I get to release.

Happy Summer!