Let's face it we all, have our favorite snowboard shapes and you're no exception. Our Made to Order build option was created to make the custom process easy and fast. We took our best designs based on years of peer-reviewed board testing, customer satisfaction and, quite frankly, the boards I love the most and offer them up to you. Find your shape for the season or better yet find the shape you've been missing from you quiver. Pick from a handful of our favorite shapes, then customize your base and/or topsheet. We'll help guide you to an enjoyable board is sure to put a smile on your face lap after lap and day after day. All Made To Order boards come with a three year warranty. MTO rides start at $1,800 and the cost can vary by the materials you choose.

Every Franco Snowshapes board is hand shaped with care at the base of the Tetons. Built by Mikey Franco and a few passionate riders and designers, our small team of expert shapers take time to ensure every finished board offers a unique, quality and soulful riding experience time after time.  You won't find any overseas shipping containers, multi-branded molds or minimum wage factory workers in our workshop. You will find passionate shapers, state of the art machines, classic hand tools and plenty of fresh shapes.   

Our Fitted boards are custom built to order. From our favorite classic shapes to your wildest ideas, when you order a Franco Snowshapes board you're getting a board crafted just for you.

Not sure what shape you want? No problem. Employing over 30 years of coaching and guiding experience, our shapers have developed a proprietary board shaping system called, 'The Rider Genome Profile'. The Rider Genome Profile factors in your physical characteristics, riding style, lifestyle and favorite riding locations to create a custom board that is truly an extension of you. Dialing in your dream snowboard is that easy.

Do you know where was your board born? Does your snowboard manufacturer know? Franco Snowshapes uses hand made wood veneers from known sources only. We meet with our suppliers regularly and even source some materials from our own backyard.

We use only the highest quality materials in our boards for an unparalleled ride: finesse when you want it and power when you need it. All custom boards are covered under a three year warranty against manufacturing defects. All Fitted boards are covered under a five year warranty against manufacturing defects. All Familia boards are covered against manufacturing defects for life.

Good for the rider, good for the shaper and good for the earth. When possible we always opt to use bio-based materials in our board construction.  

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