Shapers Notes

So you are a little nervous about buying a swallowtail? This is your answer. The Big Nose pin rips extremely deep pow with its wide, long shovel and rails a carved turn like a fine blade. The medium taper allows for quick drift turns in steeps and trees and will snap between arced turns on perfect groomers.

'56 Profile

  • 156 length
  • 116.5 running length
  • 30.0 nose
  • 25.0 waist
  • 28.5 tail
  • 15mm taper
  • 8.5m sidecut
  • Stance: 21” center, 3.5” back
  • Core: Maple
  • Camber: “S” rocker with early rise tip

Handcrafted in Jackson, Wyo.

Custom wood and topsheet options available.

3 year warranty against manufacture defects.

Bio based materials used when possible.